Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Idea Bombing International - Australia to Ontario

Last year I was able to bring John O'Callaghan of Idea Bombing Sydney, to the Ontario Professional Planners Institute's Symposium as a virtual special guest speaker.  He has done some great work in Australia, and it was a pleasure to feature this with my fellow professional planners.

Being inspired by John and seeing a close relationship with the types of events and citizen engagement techniques I had used in my practice for many years, my wife Krista and I started Idea Bombing Ontario in 2013 -  We contacted John to get his blessing on our venture, and have held over 6 events since.

Below is the message John sent for the participants at OPPI.  We can all learn from his work, and hopefully creative and effective citizen engagement will become commonplace repertoire for professional planners soon.

Idea Bombing Ontario - John O'Cal from Robert Voigt on Vimeo.

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