Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CBC Spark - When Urban Planners and Guerrilla Urbanists Get Together

I recently had the pleasure of being on CBC's show SPARK.  The discussion covered the growing process of guerilla, or tactical urbanism and how people are using it to improve their communities.

The challenge is for professional planners who need to find their “place” in this changing world of DIY community improvements and activism. There is huge potential for communities that decide to focus on this more progressive and interactive direction for their planning, urban design, and economic development; however, not many planning practitioners have direct experience in taking these ideas from theory and move them through policy development, programming, and implementation.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in a number of tactical urbanism projects, and also in advising communities on how to harness this approach for their benefit.  It is always a pleasure when working with communities that chose to take action to direct their future in partnership with their citizens and with “hands-on” approaches.  As more people participate and see the positive effects of their actions tactical urbanism will have to become part of the repertoires of professional planners if they want to keep up with the citizens they are planning for.

You can listen to the broadcast HERE.

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