Friday, June 1, 2012

Setting the Stage for Civic Life

Below is my recent Municipal World article about "Planning Roles &; Placemaking". 

The words I chose for the subtitle are: Setting the Stage for Civic Life.  This is because I believe professional Planners (and associated professions) need to examine their approaches to placemaking and urban design so that they better focus on people-centred design that more directly addresses how people can, and will, live in the spaces they create. 

The design of towns, cities, neighbourhoods, and civic spaces are incredibly important, as they directly impact how we all live.  Therefore, we all need to get beyond the unfortunately typical theme-driven, branding-centred and consumerism-focused thinking about development, urban design, and placemaking; and include intents, processes, foci and outcomes that help us act as Creativity Catalysts, Investigators, and Facilitators for the citizens that will live in these places.

Municipal World - Planning Roles & Placemaking

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David Nichol said...

Great article! I was just wondering if you would make any distinctions between the role of the public sector planner and the private sector planner?