Monday, January 4, 2010

Flashy Flash.

When setting up a new web site of any kind, the layout and structure is a more involved design process that just simply picking a template; or at least it should be.

For example, using Flash on a site is still a tricky proposition, even after it’s extensive use for quite some time now. I am still surprised by the number of sites that use flash in unproductive ways that are distracting and eat up online time.

This practice far too often leads to sites that act more as advertising for the skills of the web designer (a portfolio for which you are paying) than furthering your message.

Flash can also make your site difficult to find through search engines if specific care is not taken to optimize your site.

One final point about the use of flash. Unfortunately there are still (far too) many areas of both Canada and the United States that still have poor online access speeds available, and as a result, if your site is too “flashy” it can reduce people’s access because of the bandwidth required.

When developing your organization’s online presence, keep your eye on the intent, process, and overall communications strategy; and, don't let your inner magpie get fixated on only the the fancy ‘flashy’ gimmicks.

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