Friday, July 28, 2017

Keeping Great Company - Top 100 Planning Blogs

It was a pleasant surprise to receive an email notice that CivicBlogger had been selected as one of the TOP 100 Planning Blogs by Feedspot.

When I started CivicBlogger in 2008, this type of media platform was not common in the world of urban planning. In fact, CivicBlogger predates most of the others on this list of extraordinary blogs.  I don't know if my work influenced any of the others that followed and are consistently adding to the vibrancy of the online discussions relating to urban planning and community building. But I do know that I have been in turn influenced by their work. I encourage everyone to take some time and explore the blogs on this list, because in these online publications there is much to learn, admire, and be inspired by.

In the end, it's not always about being first, success comes from the company you keep. That relates to blogging, professional development, business and team building, and employee management. With that in mind, here are three principles that can help you with the goal of keeping great company and driving your success.

Always recruit up: Put aside your ego and find people with more success that you and whose vision compliments your team's; being a successful leader does not mean you always have to be the most skilled in the room, seeing the skills in others and bringing them together is far more valuable.
Play at work: Find ways of integrating play into your work; it's an inherently effective way of learning and builds passion for what you are doing.
Share & pollinate:  Be open with your ideas, and more importantly about struggles and failures; you'll find that the feedback will be valuable and the self-reflection you go through will boost your creativity for new iterations or projects.

So go out and have fun running with the best, and be sure to tell us all about your journey.

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