Sunday, December 27, 2015

What's Old is New Again - Progressive Planning Approach

There have been many influences on my work over the years.  I had the benefit of one of my first positions in a planning department working for Larry Beasley in the Major Developments Group of Central Area Planning for the City of Vancouver.  Since those early days I have worked with, been mentored, and developed friendships with many other truly outstanding people in my chosen profession.

Below I am listing some of these individuals as a way of recognizing their contribution to my work:  Krista Voigt, Stanley King, Dan Burden, Mark Holland, Adam Bienenstock, Chuck Marohn, Dr. Harold Nelson, Roger Brooks, Rob Spanier, Andrew Angus, Kim Wingrove, Peter Kenyon, and John O'Cal.   I started this blog post three years ago, and it sat in my draft box since then.  I finally have come to complete it today.

From the influences of these wonderful people and my own experimentation and experiences I have developed my own personal structure for community planning and economic development.  It is an integrated approach that can most easily be presented in the illustration below.  I have had many different drawings of this, but this is the most recent.  I will post more about the various components of this hierarchy in the future:

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