Friday, March 30, 2012

Relax, it isn't rocket surgery. Social Media ABC's

Here is the information I presentation for a workshop on the use of social media for the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI).  I based it on the ABCs of Social Media by David Horne (Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing & Social Media Greensboro College).

If the medium is the message; and we choose not to “read” the medium, what message are we sending?

A: Authenticity
Social media in a professional context is not about advertising
They are powerful tools for communication & creation

B: Brevity
There is a shift in mindset, focusing on smaller more succinct pieces of information - a 140 character state of mind
Communication is refined for very specific topics or areas of interest

C: Community
In a professional context the "social" aspect is communities of interest, as opposed to “personal” connections.
Added opportunities for:
  • self-selecting involvement;
  • word-of-mouth recommendations;
  • discovery by others;
  • dialog; and,
  • integrating print, audio, and video media.
D: Discovery
Through social media OPPI will be able to expand its “reach”

E: Engagement 
Social media affords opportunities to interact with members in an entirely new way, facilitating the flow of information in many directions (as opposed to the oneway path of traditional media)

F: Fun
Relax, it isn't rocket surgery
Using these tools can change one’s perspective and practice in positive and enjoyable ways 

G: Grow
With greater access online, OPPI should expect to have growth in: 
  • numbers of younger members; 
  • interactions with members; 
  • interactions with the general public; 
  • interactions with news media; and, 
  • amount of content attributable to OPPI and its membership
H: Habitat 
If OPPI is not going to inhabit the social media area for professional Planning in Ontario, who will? 

I: Influence  
There is no reason OPPI should not be influencing people’s understanding of the Institute and the Planning profession, with a presence on social media platforms. 

J: Jabberwocky 
Should the online discussions about Planning in Ontario be filled with nonsensical information or should OPPI play an active role?  
Social media allows OPPI to have a stronger voice in these discussions

K: Knowledge 
Why not use these tools to express the expertise and knowledge of OPPI online? 

L: Listen and learn  
Social media goes beyond publishing
It is equally about the pollination of ideas from other people
The capacity of OPPI and its members can significantly grow by integrating social media into its communication strategy

M: Member services 
OPPI will be able to provide better access to services with a social media strategy

N: New members 
By engaging Planners with these tools OPPI will be better able to attract new younger members 
Most current and future members of OPPI use these tools in a variety of personal and professional contexts

O: Observe 
Since the information flow with social media is in all directions, with multiple creators of content, OPPI will be able to “learn” through its participation in social media
Trends, challenges, interests & innovations in Planning will be discussed in real time by the many people that are providing content and context

P: Public   
Outreach work can be more direct and engaging
Education can be more widely dispersed and specific
Dialog between Planners and the public can be facilitated 

Q: Quality
Social media will allow for the showcasing of the work and value of true professional Planners in an open and accessible forum

R: Real-Time
The immediacy of social media can benefit OPPI in terms of the information that it produces, as well as, through information “coming in” 

S: Stories 
Social media platforms are well suited to telling stories
OPPI can use these characteristics to tell “Planning” stories that connect with people beyond just professional reports

T: Televise
Through social media video sites, opportunities are created for presenting information in ways that are better understood by people 
They can also act as a library of presentations from conferences or other events

U: Ubiquity 
You can connect everywhere 24/7  
By providing ways of sharing ideas and information at times and locations that are convenient to a wider range of audiences, social media can expand the reach of OPPI significantly

V: Value 
The content that would be produced by OPPI would exhibit value in terms of: 
  • membership;
  • hiring professional Planners; and, 
  • as an information resource for the public, elected officials, other professions, and students
W: Work 
This is going to take more time than anybody is honestly going to tell you  
BUT, the value proposition makes using social media extremely worthwhile

X: Xtra Services
A social media strategy could include initiatives that provide: 
  • extra services for members;
  • learning systems; 
  • facilitation and engagement tools; and,
  • creative events
Y: You 
Through social media the individuals’ participation is critical and one of its defining characteristics 
By using these tools, OPPI could connect better with people, while also drawing out their insights and creative energies for the collective benefit of all participants

Z: Zoetic 
Social media is the living web 
The changing nature of social media should not discourage its use 
As Planners we are inherently future focused, yet every day we are increasingly falling behind many other professional groups and citizens in terms of using this ubiquitous communication medium

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David Horne said...

Rob, Great work. Nice real world application of the article.

Amazing use of the word Jabberwocky and your "learning" point under Observe is spot on.

No doubt the audience got a lot out of your presentation.