Monday, December 13, 2010

Why do planners need decoder rings?

I created this short video to show the kind of problems that arise when we don't design our processes in a way that facilitate communication. Here is the LINK

on Vimeo.


Dan Lauber said...

Nicely done. This is why I named my company Planning/Communications -- 30 years ago. I thought that cities would want laypeople to be able to understand their plans and zoning codes without having to hire a translator. Of course, I was dead wrong. As best I can tell, they don't really care if anybody can get through the plannerspeak. They seem to favor unnecessary complexity and incomprehensibility. Then again, the planning profession has become a bit of a bureaucratic mess as far too many planners sell their souls and too few stand up for what's right. And our professional organizations crush independent thought or criticism of the naked planning emperor in his new clothes.

Jess Klug said...

Great video Robert! I came across it in my Planetizen newsletter!

Fellow Ontario planner,


Susan Rubinsky said...

Hear, hear. I vote Yea!

Anonymous said...

way to go Mr Voigt!

katie Pandey said...

this is so true.This is what we do as planners -"Making common things complicated for common maen"