Friday, December 5, 2008

Put Your Boots On: Here Comes the Future of Blogging

When I explore my thoughts about the future of blogging I see numerous connections and similarities in mind set and vision with those presented by a collection of bloggers recently featured on ProBlogger.

As computer resources (hard and software) and increased web speeds allow for greater access to information and the necessary publishing tools, I am sure that the multi-media components of blogs will undoubtedly double and redouble again and again. This will help continue the transformation of blogging as a communication platform and enhance the benefits of the virtual time/space travel WE get from online contact. It may also have interesting impacts on those that utilize the anonymity of blogging to their advantage.

These advanced resources, while reducing or removing barriers of access or expert skill thresholds, will also raise the level of mediocrity; lowering the overall expectations of the quality of communication provided through blogs. WE should to some degree expect a future with the kind of increased noise and loss of connection the Boss referred to in 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On).

However, I also believe OUR human drive to create and connect with community will eventually guide US through the evolution necessary to again clearly hear voices and songs above the racket.

For the kinds of blogs I develop for Facilitative Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement purposes in the larger context of Urban Planning, I need to ensure I receive high marks for communication from the audience, or my failures potentially impact the physical community, the “real world” of homes, businesses and caf├ęs (you know, those places where WE plug in our computers and go online). It’s a fine line that I must walk successfully.

As WE go through this online (re)evolution WE must remember that WE are not dealing with magic windows that do all the work FOR US; specific skills will continue to be needed (however, and wherever you may define that for your blog audience). Clarity of message; presentation design; and timeliness will continue to be important. Success of communication is measured and judged by the receiver. If you can not connect with your audience, you fail!

What are the impacts of your blog/message being lost in the rising tides of the oceans of mediocrity?
What skills are you going to develop and bring to the party? Put your boots on, time will tell who gets wet.

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