Thursday, August 14, 2008

Set the Bar.

"PUBLIC information should be made PUBLIC.

PUBLIC information refers to everything that explains our citizenship. PUBLIC means everything that we agree should be available to the body politic.

Making information PUBLIC is somewhat less generic. This PUBLIC means presenting, designing & structuring this information so that it is accessible, available, understandable & free.

PUBLIC means that the simple basic question in the minds of the American people are easily; readily & clearly answerable. It is our right to question & get answers.

Conversation is the most natural, effective, yet most complex mode of human connection. The goal of conversation is UNDERSTANDING between the participants.

Successful visual communication design can be defined as frozen conversation much as wonderful architecture is referred to as frozen music.

UNDERSTANDING information is power".
Richard Saul Wurman

This is the text by Richard Saul Wurman that begins Understanding USA, an amazing book published in 1999 . These words, the words I heard Mr. Wurman speak at the 2001 IDCA conference, and the content of Understanding USA inspire, inform, and illustrate the kind of thinking and substance we hope to bring to the discussion of community engagement with Civic Blogger.

We have set the bar way high! Want to jump?

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